Joga-Koper-DeusaHey, it’s not that I misspelled Yoga. I confidently mean Joga.

Do you know what it is?

Am glad you don’t know. Joga is a unique style of yoga that is usually meant for the most active individuals, e.g. athletes. A good number of people call it yoga-for-athletes. Joga is a great way of improving one’s strength, flexibility, breath control, and still maintain a calm mind all through. A joga program incorporates a blend of unique movements, postures, breathing mechanisms, and relaxation techniques meant to improve athletic ability and kinetics. As indicated earlier, joga is recommended to individuals who have active lives, e.g. those who are busy at work every day. That’s why we are discussing how Joga can make you feel better at work.

Is It Still Yoga?

Those who confuse joga for yoga can be justified in one way or another. In fact, joga involves modifying the traditional yoga postures to conform to the mechanics and movement patterns of a particular sport or lifestyle.

Below are some of the ways in which a joga regime can make you a strong, healthy, and fit person at work.

Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

Joga is a strong tool of evaluating your body and expose deficiencies. Let’s take a scenario of a vehicle. A joga program is like that workshop where you always take your car for servicing. Your car undergoes a deep diagnosis in order to establish deficiencies and in turn correct the deficiencies. The same way, joga helps you to deeply diagnose and expose weaknesses in your body. Most of these weaknesses usually emanate from muscle overuse, injury, or repetitive subjection to a certain posture, e.g. sitting. This program will provide tools of converting these weaknesses into strengths. May it be back or butt muscular imbalances you have encountered due to work; they will soon be rebuilt. This leaves your body with more physical strength, performance, efficiency, and agility.

Train Your Subconscious to Be Patient over Time

A joga program involves a series of static and dynamic stretches while in a particular posture. You can make a series of movements within that posture over some period of time. These movements require one to remain focused so as to enhance muscle memory and be able to continue with the movements. As long as your subconscious is dedicating the required focus and patience, you will be able to complete the entire joga series. This can translate to when you are at work and you have a very tough task ahead. Since your subconscious is trained on how to hold on until something is over, you won’t feel at pressure as you do the assignment.

Train Your Body Coordination and Relaxation

Joga requires the practitioner to coordinate the movements with the breath mechanism. The breath is a tool for relaxation and regulation during the joga series. This is because your body undergoes physical challenges and needs relaxation in the process. In all situations, your breath remains a powerful but secret tool that you can use to enhance relaxation and feel at peace. When you take breaths, especially belly breathing, the entire abdominal region gets the relaxation. This region contains Para-sympathetic nerves which transmit this relaxation to the brain. In turn, the brain produces a relaxation response. This response will keep you relaxed, cool, and positive while at your workplace. It will also help your coordination at work.


Just like yoga, joga sessions are quite useful in one’s physiological and psychological life. Most of the benefits are very similar to those of yoga. However, joga helps practitioners to embrace an athletic mind and body, which is both results and achievement oriented. Joga is actually very exciting and has gained a lot of popularity among people who have busy lifestyles. It will find you a weak, fragile, and vulnerable person but, at last, you’ll turn out a stronger, more flexible, and reenergized person. That’s how Joga can make you feel better at work.

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