golf-fitness-enthusiastic-golferMost people view golf as a sport for the rich and those who are retired, this is however very far from the truth. Most people also view golf as a game that does not require much effort and can therefore not be used as a fitness sport, this is however not also true. Golf can be played by all people ranging from the very young to the old and can therefore be used as a fitness program for different ages. This therefore means that golf and fitness can go hand in hand for any willing person.

Although, playing golf requires skills and practice so it is recommended that before you start playing that you take some practice sessions, go to the range or even invest in golf practice nets so you can get the minimum skills needed to be able to play the game and enjoy it because it is a great way to get fit and stay healthy.


About Golf Memberships

While most golf courses require one to be a member of their club, some are open to the public on a pay as you play basis. This therefore means that golf is becoming more open for people who cannot afford the club membership which have in the past kept golf as a confine for the rich. This therefore means that any person willing and has a passion for golf as a fitness program has a place to do so. People can also use practice ranges to improve on their strokes before embarking on playing at the actual golf course.

How About Those Golf Courses?

Golf courses are usually set out in wide open spaces. This areas are usually set some distance from most town centers and therefore have clearer air than the town centers. This ensures that while one is at this courses they are breathing unpolluted air. This gives people more energy to play as opposed to other fitness programs that are done in polluted areas such as running or using the gym.

The clean air is also conducive for people who may be asthmatic or who are suffering from other respiratory diseases that hinder them from exercising in polluted areas.

While at the golf course it would be advisable to walk as opposed to taking the carts. Taking walks is a good way to exercise as it is less strenuous than other activities such as running and cycling. This can therefore be a good starting point for those who have not been exercising for long or those who want to start exercising for the first time. This can also be used where one suffers from illnesses that may restrict strenuous physical activities.

Golf is a Healthy Activity

Playing with other like-minded individuals ensures that one does not become disheartened after some time of playing. Competition from other players also assist one to participate more in the activities of the golf course. Competition also improves the urge to play more which results in participating more thus ensuring the player is motivated to keep up this healthy activity.

Playing for a long time will increase both the passion and skill of an individual at playing golf. Being passionate will ensure that one is motivated to play more. Getting skilled shows improvement which ensures that one is motivated to play more, learn more about golf and golf equipment at the golf spy.

Golf courses also tend to have other fitness activities that can be done within the grounds of the course. This include gyms and swimming pools that one can use to exercise after or before starting to play golf. The golf course can therefore be a good place to start a fitness regime or just as a means of keeping healthy.


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