Runners YogaYoga is a great complementary workout for runners. It can help a runner attain the physical conditioning that is required to be able to run, stronger, faster, and longer.

The runners’ goals can be attained more effectively when they strictly and regularly adhere to runners’ yoga routine. These are intended to develop muscle strength, flexibility and endurance.

So get your running shoes ready, if you have them, and prepare your self to increase strength, flexibility, and endurance:

  1. For Pain-free Running

If you want to run and run without feeling sore afterwards, you will first of all need some good running shoes that fit yoga running while also taking on and increase your flexibility and strength.

Include the “sitting cross-legged” Asana or pose in your routine. This is the simplest pose to open up hips and to increase the lateral or outward rotation of the hip joint. Opening the hip joints can eliminate the tightness that causes pain. Despite the muscles being strong, not all of these are used when running. In yoga, there is a need to use all muscles in tandem which allow the use of other muscles that are not commonly used in running.

  • For Preventing Injuries

Injuries are more likely to happen when the workout routines or the running itself is done using wrong postures. You need to develop a perfect posture to prevent or avoid injuries.

To improve posture, you can try “Mountain Pose” that is simple but can challenge your balance. It fosters better awareness of the body and works on improving the postural alignment of the body. In running, it is critical to stretch out the muscles that usually get tight when running as it is essential to maintain a range of motion. If you just run without paying attention to maintain flexibility, the chance of ending up with an injury is bound to happen anytime soon. The mountain pose can lengthen your body, keep your joints healthy and free from shoulder pain.

  1. For Overall Fitness

While strong legs are important in running, you also need to develop your upper-body strength.

Yoga is a great workout that aims towards the improvement of the total-body strength. It is a great complementary exercise for running because running motions also require overall body fitness to improve performance. This will prevent the tightening of shoulders, hamstrings, hips and necks or the upper body. Yoga can also bolster balance to the already strong legs. A good Asana is the “Side Arm Balance Pose.” This Asana helps develop upper-body strength and awareness while working the core. The goal is take the stress off the legs and build strength in the upper body.

  1. For Improving Agility

To improve agility and speed, you need to stretch and to do it correctly.

Stretching before a physical activity like running is important to warm up the muscles. Tense muscles don’t receive blood and is therefore, not getting enough oxygen that is essential to the release the energy or the power to do work. Yoga can be done after a run or when the muscles are warm to make feel good the following day. It is like working on a clay pot, you can bend it more easily without breaking when you add warmth to it. The purpose of stretching is to warm up the muscles for it to get blood and oxygen. A good Asana is the “Reclined Leg Stretch” that uses a strap to stretch the legs.

Finally, for fast recovery, runners need to engage in yoga more regularly. Every runner or athlete who puts too much effort on a performance need some time to give the muscles the chance to recover. Runners who want to stay in tip top condition need to practice yoga more regularly or consistently. It prevents the development of scar tissue because of the Yoga breathing that fosters a good flow of the blood. With runners’ yoga routine, you will feel more energized, relax, flexible and stronger.

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