heavy-duty-car-air-compressor-dc-12vAre you one of the car painters who ponder about the capacity of your air compressor? And even wonder why you cannot have the painting jobs done with only 25-30 gallons compressor? If yes, it pays to know more about the air compressor for painting cars.

Perhaps, you have to note the fact that painting requires enough time and using smaller air compressor tank will keep your gun run out of air. Tendencies are, you will keep on draining the tank and fill it up again and again until your painting is done. This kind of resolution will only cause or air compressor tank to slowly build a crack and eventually get damaged. Have you forgotten that painting the car will take you to more or less two to three days?

What does this mean to buying the compressor for painting cars? Well, the kind of air compressor to buy is influenced by the kind of paint gun you own. This means to say, that you must be extra careful in buying for the spray gun as careful as you are in buying for an air compressor. You can visit this blog to learn more and read air compressors reviews.

In buying a spray gun, you must know the air requirement in terms of cubic feet per minute or the CFM. This air requirement corresponds to the air compressor capacity also. Not to mention also the versatility of the spray gun.

Okay, with the kind and quality of the spray gun you have, decided also for the type of air compressor you wish to buy. Take note for instance the Direct Drive compressor. This co-axial design which means that a motor is directly coupled to the pump unit. This provides a one single stage atmospheric pressure. This compressor is known for its efficiency and the capacity to deliver greater amount of air, perhaps more than enough the required pressure for your printing jobs. Added to these features are its oil free and lubrication. This does not require users to buy an oil separator. Practical buyers will consider buying for an oil free air compressor for they pretty well know that oil in the compressor will eventually cause erosion of the tank.

Another important feature of the best air compressor for painting cars is the size of the compressor.  The 2HP compressor can give you around 7 CFM and 3 HP compressors for the 10.5 CFM. This simply means that a spray gun that requires around 7 CFM suggests buying a 2 horse power compressor.

Having this require air pressure to complete the painting of one car unit, evaluate also the application of the air compressor.  Like, a sophisticated spray gun requires also a heavy duty air compressor. An air compressor of greater CFM is provided by the belt driven air compressor.

Therefore, buying the best air compressor for painting cars requires an effort in paying for the evaluation of the capacity of the spray gun in term of cubic feet requirement which directly corresponds to the number of horse power capacity of the compressor.

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